Kolkata, Jan 13 (PTI) Leading Multi System Operator (MSO) Digicable today said they will invest Rs 225 crore to supply 1.5 million settop boxes to its subscribers in the city. "All cable operators have to mandatorily switch to digital technology or to send cable television signals through settop boxes (STB) from July in city. We are trying to offer a cheap solution to subscribers under our network," Digicable VP Amit Nag said. Digicable managing director Jagjit S Kohli said the company was planning to offer STB at Rs 500 though the minimum price of a box is Rs 1700. "We have to subsidise to make it affordable," he said. There are four large MSOs in the city and the exact number of cable connections is not known but according to estimates the number would be around four million. Digicable said the company was trying to offer 200 channels at the current price though it would be finalised after government comes out with pricing for the basic service. Kohli said digitisation will offer huge benefit to consumers and it would be better than DTH.