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Thread: Tata Sky Faq's

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    Tata Sky Faq's

    Tata Sky profile
    Who are the promoters of Tata Sky?
    Tata Sky is a joint venture between the TATA Group and STAR.

    When was the service launched?
    Tata Sky satellite television service was launched on 8th August, 2006.


    How does Tata Sky work?
    1.Tata Sky uplinks all channels from broadcasters to its satellite (INSAT 4A).
    2.The satellite sends these channels in digital format to the minidish fixed outside your home.
    3.The minidish relays the channels to the digicomp which decodes the channels and sends them to your television, giving you an unparalleled television viewing experience with DVD quality picture and CD quality sound.

    Click here for a demo

    How is Tata Sky different from analog cable?
    Unlike analog cable, you will be able to watch all television channels on Tata Sky in DVD quality picture and CD quality sound.

    Does the service get affected by rains?
    A few minutes of outage might occur during rains. This phenomenon is called RAIN OUTAGE and occurs in DTH platforms across the world. It will result in your television losing reception for some time. We have tried to cut down this time so it might happen only for one or two minutes in a year. This too is automatically detected and gets corrected by itself.

    Can I watch 3D content with my Tata Sky HD and Tata Sky+ HD?
    Yes! Both Tata Sky HD and Tata Sky+ HD set top boxes are capable of delivering 3D content. You will be able to watch 3D content with these boxes, as and when its available on Tata Sky. However you will need a 3D TV and 3D glasses in order to enjoy 3D content.

    Tata Sky satellite television service
    What is Tata Sky HD?
    Tata Sky HD, the latest digital revolution from Tata Sky will give you the experience of a cinema right at your home. With the Tata Sky HD service you can enjoy 5.1 Surround Sound, 1080i resolution and 16:9 Aspect ratio that allows you to view incredibly vivid colours and images up to 5 times sharper than what you can view today. Click here to know more.

    What does Tata Sky offer?
    Tata Sky offers a wide range of channels and services, designed to suit the varying needs of our subscribers. The packages include a wide array of television channels in DVD quality picture and CD quality sound and a host of new-age interactive services (Actve Music, Actve English, Actve Mall, Actve Cooking, Actve Wizkids, Actve Learning, Actve Stories, Actve Games, Actve Sports, Actve STAR News, Actve Darshan, Actve Doordarshan). Showcase can be ordered with any of the Popular packages.

    What are TruChoice

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    RE: Tata Sky Faq's

    Its a great information, however i would like to inform TS subscribers regarding Make my pack facility,

    1. If you have registered yourself on website and recharge your account through online facility, you still won't be able to select individual channels online. They show only groups of channels included in various combination. For that you'll have to call CC.

    When inquired about this from CC, even they donot know about this flaw.

    So, all you have to do is first pen down your preffered channel, call CC and get the channels added. It does require some excercise though.

    2. Those who have currently subscribed to "Supreme Pack", immediately check the website, as upgraded "supreme sports pack" is available only for 240pm...However, this still doesnot include English movies pack.



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